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Aquaculture CRSP Global Extension Request for Proposals

Aquaculture CRSP Global Extension
Request for Proposals

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Review RFP-Related Documents from the Eleventh Work Plan

Current RFP-related Documents

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Expert Panel Meeting Notes:
   Africa   Word | PDF
   Asia   Word | PDF
   LAC   Word | PDF

MOU Samples
   Sample I    Word | PDF
   Sample II   Word | PDF

Proposal Review Criteria   Word

Quantifiable Benefits   Word

Reporting Requirements   Word

Technology Adaptation and Transfer Strategy   Word

USAID Strategic Plan    PDF
(see Annex 1 for Strategic Framework)

USAID Agricultural Strategy     PDF
Checklist for Proposal    Word

Cover Sheet Form   Word

Summary Page Form    Word

Budget Information
   US Lead Institution
      Budget Materials   Word
      Budget Forms   Excel

   Subcontracting US Institution
      Budget Materials   Word
      Budget Forms   Excel

   Host Country Institution
      Budget Materials   Word
      Budget Forms   Excel

Pending Funds Form    Word

Letter of Interest Form/Sample   Word

Conflict of Interest    Word

USAID Certifications and Assurances    Word |PDF

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USAID country eligibility lists:
   Asia and the Near East
   Latin America and the Caribbean