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Aquaculture CRSP Work Plans

work plans

Work Plans describe the approaches taken in carrying out Aquaculture CRSP investigations. The first three Aquaculture CRSP Work Plans (1984 ~ 1987) outlined annual research cycles emphasizing studies with a global focus. In 1987 the Aquaculture CRSP adopted a two-year research schedule; at this time also began the inclusion of projects with site-specific goals. The Eighth and subsequent Work Plans and their respective addenda are available electronically. These and earlier work plans can be ordered from the CRSP.

Eighth Work Plan

Twelfth Work Plan (1.25 M PDF file)

Eleventh Work Plan (552K PDF file)

Tenth Work Plan (in HTML) (880K PDF file)

Ninth Work Plan (in HTML) (340K PDF file)

Eighth Work Plan

Ninth Work Plan