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Aquaculture CRSP 21st Annual Technical Report
Development and Evaluation of a Simple Market Feasibility Assessment Methodology

Tenth Work Plan, Marketing and Economic Analysis Research 2 (10MEAR2)

Carole R. Engle and Ivano Neira
Department of Aquaculture and Fisheries
University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff
Pine Bluff, Arkansas, USA


We have developed a draft of the tool for rapid assessment of market feasibility for aquaculture species. The key parameters included in this tool are those variables that were significant in the logit analyses conducted in 10PVDR1. As we continue to complete the logit analyses, we may add or otherwise modify the rapid market assessment tool. Three surveys have been completed in Mexico City, Mexico, and in three cities in Peru (Lima, Tarapoto, and Iquitos). To date, we have received data summaries from the restaurant and supermarket surveys done in Mexico City and will receive the summaries of the open-air market surveys shortly. In Peru we completed restaurant, supermarket, and open-air market surveys in the three cities and have completed the bulletins of the descriptive data for the restaurant and supermarket surveys. The descriptive version of the open-air market surveys will be completed soon. These surveys will allow us to compare results of the rapid market assessment tool under the following conditions:

· A very large, cosmopolitan urban area with a long history of tilapia consumption;
· An area where tilapia are not allowed, not marketed, and little known; and
· A South American metropolitan area where some tilapia are sold.

Based on these subsequent analyses of the most important parameters in determining market feasibility, we will make final modifications to the rapid market assessment tool. We will also draw some conclusions as to whether or not it is possible to utilize a generalized rapid market assessment tool for many different Latin American countries with differing market characteristics.