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Appendix A. Acronyms PD/A CRSP 15th Annual Technical Report Appendix A. Acronyms

AIT Asian Institute of Technology

ANDAH Asociacion Nacional de Acuicultores de Honduras or Honduran National Association of Aquaculturists

ANOVA analysis of variance

AOAC Association of Official Analytical Chemists

BOD biological oxygen demand

BWD body weight per day

C carbon

CFB critical fish biomass

CLSU Central Luzon State University

CM chicken manure

CRSP Collaborative Research Support Program

DAP diammonium phosphate

DIC dissolved inorganic carbon

DIN dissolved inorganic nitrogen

DIP dissolved inorganic phosphorus

DM dry matter

DO dissolved oxygen

dpf days post-fertilization

DWG daily weight gain

ETOH ethanol vehicle

FAC Freshwater Aquaculture Center

FAO Food and Agriculture Organization

FCR feed conversion ratio

FPX Federacion de Agroexportadores de Honduras

GA genetic algorithm

GIFT genetic improvement of farmed tilapia

GIS Geographical Information System

GPP gross primary productivity

ICLARM International Center for Living Aquatic Resources Management

IIAP Instituto de Investigaciones de la Amazonia Peruana

K potassium

MDHT 17a-methyldihydrotestosterone

MT 17a-methytestosterone

N nitrogen

NFY net fish yield

OSU-DAST Oregon State University-Data Analysis and Synthesis Team

P phosphorus

PD/A CRSP Pond Dynamics/Aquaculture Collaborative Research Support Program

PL post-larval

PNPP potential net primary productivity

ppm parts per million

ppt parts per thouand

SD standard deviation

SDV Secchi disk visibility

SE standard error

SRP soluble reactive phosphorus

TAN total available nitrogen

TBA trenbolone acetate

TSP triple superphosphate

TSS total suspended solids

TVS total volatile solids

UC University of California

UIA unionized ammonia

UV ultraviolet

YSI Yellow Spring Instrument