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98-125 Experimental and commercial culture of tilapia in Honduras (abstract) (HTML) | (PDF)
98-123 Experimental and commercial culture of tilapia in Honduras (abstract) (HTML)
98-122 A strategic assessment of the potential for freshwater fish farming in Latin America (abstract) (HTML)
98-121 Masculinization of Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) by single immersion in 17a-methyldihydrotestosterone and trenbolone acetate (abstract) (HTML)
98-120 Secchi disk visibility and chlorophyll a relationship in aquaculture ponds (abstract) (HTML)
98-119 PD/A CRSP Central Database: A standardized information resource for pond aquaculture (abstract) (HTML)
97-118 A collaborative project to monitor the water quality of estuaries in the shrimp producing regions of Honduras (abstract) (HTML)
97-117 Water effluent and quality, with special emphasis on finfish and shrimp aquaculture (abstract) (HTML)
97-116 Chemical and physical characteristics of bottom soil profiles in ponds on haplaquents in an arid climate at Abbassa, Egypt (abstract) (HTML)
97-115 Influence of Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) stocking density in cages on their growth and yield in cages and in ponds containing the cages (abstract) (HTML)
97-114 Phosphorus fertilization strategy in fish ponds based on sediment phosphorus saturation level (abstract) (HTML)
97-113 Determination of phosphorus saturation level in relation to clay content in formulated pond muds (abstract) (HTML)
97-112 Water quality in laboratory soil-water microcosms with soils from different areas of Thailand (abstract) (HTML)
97-111 Solubility of selected inorganic fertilizers in brackish water (abstract) (HTML)
97-110 The CRSPs: International Collaborative Research Support Programs (abstract) (HTML)
97-109 The Pond Dynamics/Aquaculture CRSP-sponsored proceedings of the third conference on the culture of tilapias at high elevations in Africa (abstract) (HTML)
97-108 Semi-intensive shrimp pond management and quality of effluents (abstract) (HTML)
97-107 Inclusion of tilapia as a diversification strategy for penaeid shrimp culture (abstract) (HTML)
97-106 Comparison of three mixing devices in earthen culture ponds of four different surface areas (abstract) (HTML)
97-105 Observations and model predictions of daily areal primary production in a eutrophic brackish water culture pond (abstract) (HTML)
97-104 Optimal resource allocation by fish farmers in Rwanda (abstract) (HTML)
97-103 Timing of supplemental feeding for tilapia production (abstract) (HTML)
97-102 Polyculture of tilapia with marine shrimp (abstract) (HTML)
97-101 Phosphorus fertilization strategy in fish ponds based on sediment phosphorus saturation level (abstract) (HTML)