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97-100 Estimating Oreochromis nilotica production function for small-scale fish culture in Rwanda (abstract) (HTML)
97-99 Institutional requirements for aquacultural development in Africa: lessons from Rwanda (abstract) (HTML)
96-98 Texture and chemical composition of soils from shrimp ponds near Choluteca, Honduras (abstract) (HTML)
96-97 Effect of stocking ratio on semi-intensive polyculture of Colossoma macropomum and Oreochromis niloticus in Honduras, Central America (abstract) (HTML)
96-96 Phosphorus adsorption capacity and availability of added phosphorus in soils from aquaculture areas in Thailand (abstract) (HTML)
96-95 Ammonia dynamics in fertilized fish ponds stocked with Nile tilapia (abstract) (HTML)
96-93 Co-culture of catfish (Clarias macrocephalus x C. gariepinus) and tilapia (Orechromis niloticus) in ponds (abstract) (HTML)
96-92 Monitoring water quality for tropical freshwater fisheries and aquaculture: a review of aircraft and satellite imagery applications (abstract) (English) (Spanish) (French)
96-90 Dry matter, ash, and elemental composition of pond-cultured Penaeus vaannamei and P. stylirostris (abstract) (English) (Spanish) (French)
96-89 Semi-intensive commercial grow-out of Penaeus vannamei fed diets containing differing levels of crude protein during wet and dry seasons in Honduras (abstract) (English) (Spanish) (French)
96-88 Chemical budgets for organically fertilized fish ponds in the dry tropics (abstract) (English) (Spanish) (French)
96-87 Water budgets for fish ponds in the dry tropics (abstract) (English) (Spanish) (French)
95-86 Evaluation of soil pH-percent base saturation relationships for use in estimating the lime requirements of earthen aquaculture ponds (abstract) (English) (Spanish) (French)
95-84 Techniques for efficient and sustainable mass production of tilapia in Thailand (abstract) (English) (Spanish) (French)
95-83 Effects of protein diet and sowing density on the production of Penaeus vannamei in land tanks (abstract) (English) (Spanish) (French)
95-82 Development of production technologies for semi-intensive fishfarming during the past decade in Central America (abstract) (English) (Spanish) (French)
95-81 Modification of stratified temperature model to accommodate reduced data inputs: identifying critical requirements (abstract) (English) (Spanish) (French)
95-80 Model for predicting dissolved oxygen levels in stratified ponds using reduced data inputs (abstract) (English) (Spanish) (French)
94-79 Modeling photosynthetic production optimization for aquaculture ponds (abstract) (English) (Spanish) (French)
94-78 Seepage reduction in tropical fish ponds using chicken litter (abstract) (English) (Spanish) (French)
94-77 Comparison of two techniques for determining community respiration in tropical fish ponds (abstract) (English) (Spanish) (French)
94-76 Comparison of two techniques for determining community respiration in tropical fish ponds (abstract) (English) (Spanish) (French)