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Aquaculture CRSP Research Reports include the abstracts of Aquaculture CRSP-supported articles published both in peer-reviewed journals and by the Aquaculture CRSP Program Management Office itself.

The titles below are linked to their respective abstracts. Where a title below is marked with an asterisk, the article has been published by the Aquaculture CRSP, and can be obtained from us directly. The full report should otherwise be obtained through the journal in which it was published or by contacting the author.

Note : next to each title below you will find two numbers, separated by a dash. The first number refers to the year and the second refers to the chronological order in which the publication was announced in the Aquaculture CRSP Research Reports.

87-1 A data base management system for research in pond dynamics * (English) (Spanish) (French)
87-2 Idiopathic muscle necrosis in the freshwater prawn, Macrobrachium rosenbergit de Man, cultured in Thailand (English) (Spanish) (French)
87-3 Breeding and rearing of sand goby (Oxyeleotris marmoratus, Blk) fry (English) (Spanish) (French)
87-A1 Efectos de Dietas de Proteinas y Densidades de Siembra Sobre la Produccion de Penaeus vannamei
en Estanques de Tierra
(164KB PDF)
88-4 Acidification and reclamation of acid sulfate soil fishponds in Thailand (English) (Spanish) (French)
88-5 The effect of paddlewheel aerators on ammonia and carbon dioxide removal in intensive pond culture (English) (Spanish) (French)
88-6 The effects of water depth and circulation on the water quality and production of Penaeus monodon in Earthen Ponds (English) (Spanish) (French)
88-7 Water quality dynamics in brackishwater shrimp ponds with artificial aeration and circulation (English) (Spanish) (French)
88-8 Effect of Chicken Manure Additions on Fish Production in Ponds in West Java, Indonesia * (English) (Spanish) (French)
88-9 Hydrology of fish culture ponds in Gualaca, Panama (English) (Spanish) (French)
88-10 Elevation of sex steroids and inhibition of UDP-glucuronyltransferase are out of phase during gonadal maturation in the common carp (English) (Spanish) (French)
88-11 Effects of Teaseed Cake on Selective Elimination of Finfish in Shrimp Ponds * (English) (Spanish) (French)
88-12 Effects of Fertilizers and Feeds as Nutrient Sources on Oreochromis niloticus Production in Philippine Brackishwater Ponds * (English) (Spanish) (French)
88-A1 Nitrate and Ammonia Depletion in Indonesian Aquaculture Ponds Fertilize with Chicken Manure (163KB PDF)
88-A2 Carbon Limitation in Fertilized Fish Ponds in Java (172KB PDF)
88-A3 Effects of Nutrient Availability on Primary Productivity and Fish Production in Fertilized Tropical Ponds (164KB PDF)
88-A4 A Yield Model for Walking Catfish Production in Aquaculture Systems (168KB PDF)
88-A5 An Analysis of Biological Characteristics of Macrobrachium rosenbergii (de Man) in Relation to Pond Production and Marketing in Thailand (172KB PDF)
89-13 Effects of Water Depth and Artificial Mixing on Dynamics of Philippines Brackishwater Shrimp Ponds (English) (Spanish) (French)
89-14 Dynamics of Dissolved Oxygen and Vertical Circulation in Fish Ponds (English) (Spanish) (French)
89-15 The Effect of Manures and Chemical Fertilizers on the Production of Oreochromis niloticus in Earthen Ponds (English) (Spanish) (French)
89-16 An analysis of biological characteristics of Macrobrachium rosenbergii (de Man) in relation to pond production and marketing in Thailand * (English) (Spanish) (French)
89-17 Estimates of Hypolimnetic Oxygen Deficits in Ponds (English) (Spanish) (French)
89-18 The Effects of Water Exchange Rate and Density on Yield of the Walking Catfish, Clarias fuscus (English) (Spanish) (French)
89-19 Relationships Between Primary Production and Yield of Tilapia in Ponds (English) (Spanish) (French)
89-20 Biological Nitrogen Fixation as a Source of Nitrogen Input in Fishponds (English) (Spanish) (French)
89-21 Effects of Seepage on Water Quality and Productivity of Inorganically Fertilized Tropical Ponds (English) (Spanish) (French)
89-A1 Produccion y Aspectos Economicos del Cultivo de Tilapia en Estanques Fertilizdoes con Gallinza (164KB PDF)
89-A2 Induced Maturation and Spawning of the Chinese Catfish Clarias fuscus (164KB PDF)
89-A3 Genetic Resource Management of Fish (172KB PDF)
90-22 Integrated lake farming for fish and environmental management in large shallow Chinese lakes: a review (English) (Spanish) (French)
90-23 A Multivariate Model of Tilapia Growth, Applied to Seawater Tilapia Culture in Kuwait (English) (Spanish) (French)
90-25 Comparative Production of Colossoma macropomum and Tilapia nilotica in Panama (English) (Spanish) (French)

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