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These publications report on PD/A CRSP findings and activities but are of broader scope than reports and newsletters. Many of these titles synthesize years of CRSP research. Download titles below with links indicated.

Eagle-Condor Aquaculture Exchange Project "Joint initiative between ACRSP and Heifer International, with additional support from Oregon State University, Indigenous Environmental Network, Southern Illinois State University at Carbondale, and IIAP Peru."
HCPI Exchange Project Report
AquaFish Site Descriptions 2007-2009 (English) Linkages Between Development Assistance and Invasive Alien Species in Freshwater Systems in Southeast Asia (English)
Cartilla de Acuicultura en la Amazonia (Spanish) Cartilla de Acuicultura en la Amazonia (Spanish)
The Collected Abstracts from 1996-2008 (English) Farmers Training in Tanzania (English) (Swahili)
Salud, Ambiente Y Acuicultura En La Costa Pacifica De Mexico (Spanish) A Manual of Fertilization and Supplemental Feeding Sategies for Small-Scale Nile Tilapia Culture in Ponds (English)
Best Management Practices for Responsible Aquaculture (English) (Thai) Sistema De Recirculacion Modular Para Uso Familiar/Multi-Familiar (Spanish)
A New Guide to Fish Farming in Kenya (English) (French) ACRSP Updated site Descriptions (English)
Tilapia Farm Business Management and Economics: A Training Manual (English) Aquaculture Pond Bottom Soil Quality Management (English)
Pond Fertilization: Ecological Approach and Practical Applications (English) (Pond Fertilization: Ecological Approach and Practical Applications) Site Descriptions (English)
Lessons Learned from On-Farm Trials: The PD/A CRSP Experience (English) Field Testing Least-Intensive Aquaculture Techniques on Small-Scale Farms in Thailand
The Collected Abstracts from the PD/A CRSP Series in English, French, and Spanish, 1987–1995 (English) Egypt Project Final Report (English)
Desarrollo de Tecnologias de Acuacultura Semi-Intensiva en Honduras (Spanish) Development of Semi-Intensive Aquaculture Technologies in Honduras,Auburn University, 1994 (English)
Reproduction and Rearing of Tilapia Fry (English) (Spanish) (French) Producción de Tilapia en Fincas Integradas: Utilizando Insumos de Bajo Costo (Spanish)
Inoducción a la Acuacultura (Spanish) Acuacultura: Manual de Practicas (Spanish)
Planeamiento Esatégico para el Desarrollo de la Acuicultura Hondureña (Spanish) Determinación de Costos del Cultivo de Tilapia a Pequeña y Mediana Escala: Importancia de Mantener un Sistema de Regisos Tecnicos y Contables (Spanish)
PD/A CRSP–Sponsored Proceedings of the Third Conference on the Culture of Tilapias at High Elevations in Africa (English) Rwanda Women in Aquaculture: Context, Contributions and Constraints Rwanda Women in Aquaculture (English)
Social, Economic, and Institutional Impacts of Aquacultural Research on Tilapia: The PD/A CRSP in Rwanda, Honduras, the Philippines, and Thailand (English) Gender Variable in Rwanda (English)
Proceedings of the Colloquium on Rwanda Women in Aquaculture/Rapport du Colloque sur la Femme Rwandaise en Pisciculture (English) (French) Socioeconomic Factors Affecting the Transfer and Sustainability of Aquacultural Technology in Rwanda (English)
PD/A CRSP White Papers (English) A comparative analysis of the fixed-input, computer modeling, and algal bioassay approaches for identifying pond fertilization requirements for semi-intensive aquaculture (English) (Intro) (Read Me) (Calculator) (Test Kit) (Discussion Topic)
AquaFish CRSP Air Breathing Fishes Symposium (English) (Abbreviated Version) Impacts of CRSP Projects (June 2000) (English)
Diel Aquaculture Models: Listings, Descriptions, and Operating Instructions (May 1989) (English) Revisions to PONDCLASS - Guidelines for Fertilizing Aquaculture Ponds (English)