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Appendix A: Acronyms and Definitions

Appendix A. List of Acronyms and Definitions

AID Agency for International Development

AIT Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand

ANOVA Analysis of Variance

AU Auburn University

Bmax number of binding sites

Baseline Data that information and data base in some sector or aspect of a developing country which is necessary to measure change in the future

BFAR Board for Food and Agriculture Research

BIFADEC Board for International Food and Agricultural Development and Economic Cooperation

Bilateral Programs assistance programs involving arrangements between a single developing country and a single donor country

Board of Directors an advisory body selected to assist, advise, and make policy recommendations

(for a CRSP) to the ME in the execution of a CRSP; members represent the interests of the CRSP

BW body weight

CGIAR Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research

CIFAD Consortium for International Fisheries and Aquaculture Development

Collaborating Institutions institutions which form a partnership arrangement with a lead participating U.S. institution to collaborate on a specific research project

CRSP Collaborative Research Support Program

d day

DAST Data Analysis and Synthesis Team

Data Analysis and Synthesis the process of compiling and analyzing information about pond culture systems from diverse sources into a coherent, usable format that can be applied to the development of predictive models and to the improvement of the efficiency of these systems

DE digestible energy

dNPP diel net primary productivity

DO dissolved oxygen

DOF Royal Thai Department of Fisheries

DP digestible protein

dR daytime respiration

EE 17a-ethynylestradiol

EEP External Evaluation Panel - senior scientists not involved in the CRSP and selected externally for their ability to evaluate objectively the scientific progress and relevance of a CRSP program on an ongoing basis

Experimental Protocol a detailed plan of a field experiment which specifies experimental methods, sampling schedules, data collection, etc.

Experimental Treatment fish cultural practices (e.g., fertilizer application, supplemental feeding, etc.) which modify the physical, chemical, and biological environment

Expert System a computerized compilation of knowledge that is used to make "intelligent" decisions about the management or status of a process or system

FAC Freshwater Aquaculture Center, Central Luzon State University, Philippines

FCR feed conversion ratio

FDA U.S. Food and Drug Administration

Field Experiments controlled fish production experiments in which quantitative responses to different levels of treatments are measured

FTE Full Time Equivalent

GFY gross fish yield

Global Experiment the overall plan of a CRSP for research on problems and constraints, global in nature, whose results are applicable and transferable regionally and globally (worldwide)

GOR Government of Rwanda

Grant Agreement the formal legal document which represents a binding agreement between AID and the ME institution for a CRSP; this is the legal document for the CRSP recognized as such by AID and the recipient institutions

Grant Proposal the formal document submitted by an ME to AID, proposing a CRSP for receiving a grant outlining the manner of implementation of the program and showing the budgetary requirements

Host Country (HC) a developing country in which a CRSP has formal activities

i.d. inner diameter

INAD Investigational New Animal Drug permit

INRP International Research Project

Institutional Development improvement in the capability of institutions in developing countries to conduct development programs for agriculture and other sectors, or for implementing educational/training, research, health, and other public programs. This may include improvements in physical facilities, equipment, furnishings, transportation, organization, but refers primarily to the development and training of a professional cadre.

JCARD Joint Committee on Agricultural Research and Development (formerly Joint Research Committee), BIFADEC

JRC Joint Research Council, USAID

LDC Lesser Developed Countries

Lps Lampiras, Honduran currency

Matching Requirement that sum of resources, financial or in-kind, which participating U.S. institutions must collectively contribute to a CRSP program as defined in the grant (also called "cost sharing")

mb mibolerone

ME Management Entity

MINAGRI Ministere de l'Agriculture, de l'Elevage, et de l'Environement (Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Environment)

Mission a formally organized USAID unit in a developing country led by a Mission Director or a country representative

MOU Memorandum of Understanding

MRTC Mariculture Research and Training Center, University of Hawaii

MSU Michigan State University

MT 17a-methyltestosterone

NFY net fish yield

NGO Non Government Organization

NIFI National Inland Fisheries Institute, Thailand

NMFS National Marine Fisheries Service

NPP net primary productivity

nR nighttime respiration

NRP National Research Project

OIRD Office of International Research and Development

OSU Oregon State University

PAR photosynthetically active radiation

Participating Institutions those institutions that participate in the CRSP under a formal agreement with the Management Entity which receives the AID grant

PD/A CRSP Pond Dynamics/Aquaculture Collaborative Research Support Program

PI Principal Investigators - scientists in charge of the research for a defined segment or a scientific discipline of a CRSP

PMO Program Management Office

PPC Program and Policy Coordination

Practices fish cultural activities related to design, management, and operation of pond culture systems

Predictive Models mathematical models used to simulate the processes occurring in pond systems; in the context of this CRSP, predictive models are used as analytical and management tools to improve the efficiency of pond systems

Principles the physical, chemical, and biological processes occurring in pond systems and their interactions

PVC polyvinyl chloride, common thermoplastic resin

RENARE Department of Renewable Natural Resources, Honduras. Now known as Dirección General de Pesca y Acuicultura, Honduras

R&D Bureau (R&D/AGR) (Formerly S&T/AGR Bureau of Science and Technology) central bureau of AID in Washington, charged with administering worldwide technical and research programs for the benefit of USAID-assisted countries

RWF Rwandan franc

SPN Service de Pisciculture Nationale (National Fish Culture Service)

SRP soluble reactive phosphorus

Subgrant Agreement a document representing a subagreement made between the ME and a participating institution under authority of the grant agreement by the ME and AID

TA total alkalinity

TAN total ammonia nitrogen

TC Technical Committee - a group of scientists participating in the research of the CRSP as PI's, selected to help guide the scientific aspects of the research program of a CRSP

TH total hardness

THB Baht, Thai currency

Title XII the Title XII Amendment to the International Development and Food Assistance Act of 1975 as passed by the United States Congress and subsequently amended

TSS total suspended solids

TVS total volatile solids

UAPB University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff

UCD University of California at Davis

UH University of Hawaii

UM University of Michigan

UNR Universite Nationale du Rwanda

UO University of Oklahoma

USAID United States Agency for International Development

USAID Project Officer an official AID employee designated to oversee a CRSP on behalf of AID

WID Women In Development

yr Year