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IX. Staff Summary - PD/A CRSP 14th Annual Administrative Report
PD/A CRSP Fourteenth Annual Administrative Report
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IX. Staff Summary

The Pond Dynamics/Aquaculture CRSP represents the joint efforts of more than 60 professional and support personnel from U.S. universities. It also represents the collaborative efforts of over 75 scientists, technicians, and graduate students from project sites in three host countries. The expertise of host country and U.S. personnel is broad-based and encompasses the major fields of specialization included in this CRSP: Limnology and Water Quality; Fisheries and Aquaculture; Soil Science; Sociology; Data Management, Analysis, and Modeling; Sociology; Biotechnology; Agricultural Economics; and Research Administration.

The program's United States-based personnel is drawn from each of the partcipating institutionsthe University of California at Davis, Oregon State University, Auburn University, the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff, the University of Hawaii, and The University of Michigan.

The CRSP regularly collaborates with other groups and institutions in the development of host country projects. For example, in northeast Thailand, the CRSP supports the outreach efforts of the Asian Institute of Technology by providing the research component for an adaptive management system. In Egypt, researchers from institutions such as the Institute of National Planning and Al Azhar University are interested in the implications of CRSP research for planning the future direction of Egyptian aquaculture development. While the CRSP operated in Rwanda, our researcher advised the Aquaculture Strategy Commission of the Ministry of Agriculture on establishing research priorities and suitable research-extension linkages. Researchers also met with the USAID/Kigali Mission and personnel from the Natural Resources Management Project to advise on natural resource issues. Numerous private voluntary organizations take advantage of the training offered by the CRSP. Peace Corps volunteers in Honduras consult with CRSP researchers on project design and implementation. Private sector farmers in Honduras and Thailand take advantage of CRSP expertise through seminars conducted by resident and visiting researchers. While these trainees are not formally part of the CRSP staff, they enhance the outreach ability of the CRSP by transmitting CRSP technologies and information.

Key for Personnel functions:

*Limnology/Water Quality
# Research Administration
$ Fisheries/Aquaculture
% Data Management
@Social Sciences

Program Management Office

Hillary Egna Director # * & Corvallis, Oregon

Brigitte Goetze Deputy Director # * & Corvallis, Oregon

Marion McNamara Assistant Director # Corvallis, Oregon
(to 4/30/96)
Education Dev Coordinator
(from 5/96)

Danielle Clair Program Assistant # Corvallis, Oregon
(from 1/96)

Brad Herbison Temp Clerical Support # Corvallis, Oregon
(to 7/5/96)

Deborah Burke Technical Editor $ @ Corvallis, Oregon

Advisory Panels

Board of Directors

R. Oneal Smitherman Chair (to 12/95) # $ Auburn, Alabama

Philip Helfrich Chair (from 1/96) # $ Kaneohe, Hawaii

Robert Fridley Member CDavis, California

External Evaluation Panel

Richard Neal Chair (to 3/96) # $ La Jolla, California

Gary Jensen Member # $ Washington, DC

At-Large Technical Committee

Ted Batterson Member # * $ East Lansing, MI

Database Management

University of Hawaii

Kevin Hopkins Database Manager # $ % Hilo, Hawaii
(to 4/30/96)

John Wassell Assistant Database Manager % Hilo, Hawaii
(to 4/30/96)

Oregon State University

John Bolte USPI # * $ % Corvallis, Oregon
(from 5/1/96)

Doug Ernst Database Manager * $ % Corvallis, Oregon
(from 5/1/96)

Data Analysis and Synthesis Team

Oregon State University

John Bolte USPI # * $ % Corvallis, Oregon

Shree Nath Graduate Student * $ % Corvallis, Oregon

Doug Ernst Graduate Student * $ % Corvallis, Oregon
(to 4/30/96)

Priscila Darakjian Research Assistant $ % Corvallis, Oregon

University of California at Davis

Raul Piedrahita USPI $ % @ Davis, California

Zhimin Lu Research Assistant * @ Davis, California


Auburn University

D. Teichert-Coddington Co-PI # * $ Honduras & Auburn

Bartholomew Green Co-PI # * $ Honduras & Auburn

Claude Boyd Researcher # * $ Auburn, Alabama

Ronald Phelps Researcher $ Auburn, Alabama

Marianne Jensen Admin Assistant # Auburn, Alabama

Leonard Lovshin Researcher % Auburn, Alabama

Donald Large Fiscal Officer # Auburn, Alabama

Host Country Personnel

Marco Polo Micheletti HCPI % Tegucigalpa, Honduras

Jaime Lopez Lab Technician $ Choluteca, Honduras

Delia Martinez Chemist * $ Choluteca, Honduras

Eneida Ramirez Asst. Chemist $ Choluteca, Honduras

John L. Harvin Researcher $ @ Choluteca, Honduras

Hector Corrales Researcher * % Choluteca, Honduras

Rafael Zelaya Researcher * $ % @ Choluteca, Honduras

Jose Antonio Serrano Research Asst. $ % Zamorano, Honduras

Miguel A. Mosquera Research Asst. * Zamorano, Honduras


Oregon State University

Wayne Seim USPI * $ Corvallis, Oregon

Martin Fitzpatrick USPI * Corvallis, Oregon

Carl Shreck USPI $Corvallis, Oregon

Jim Bowman Research Associate $ Corvallis, Oregon

William Gale Graduate Student (to 2/29/96) $ Corvallis, Oregon

Felicien Rwangano Graduate Student $ Corvallis, Oregon

Robert Halvorsen Fiscal Officer # Corvallis, Oregon

Auburn University

Tom Popma USPI # $ Auburn, Alabama

Joyce R. Newman Graduate Student $ Auburn, Alabama

Ron Phelps Researcher $ Auburn, Alabama

Karen Veverica Senior Research Associate * $ Auburn, Alabama

Laurence Massauts Graduate Student % Auburn, Alabama

Prasert Munsiri Graduate Student * Auburn, Alabama

Edwin Smith Graduate Student * Auburn, Alabama

Scott Smith Graduate Research Asst * Auburn, Alabama

Donald Large Fiscal Officer # Auburn, Alabama

University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff

Carole Engle USPI $ @ Pine Bluff, Arkansas

Peter Perschbacher Researcher * $ Pine Bluff, Arkansas

Hugh Blaney Fiscal Officer # Pine Bluff, Arkansas


University of Michican

James Diana US Co-PI * $ % Ann Arbor, Michigan

C. Kwei Lin US Co-PI # * $ AIT, Thailand

Barbara Diana Research Assistant# Ann Arbor, Michigan

Tracy Willoughby Fiscal Officer # Ann Arbor, Michigan

Host Country Personnel

Chaninthorn Sritongsuk HC Co-PI (DOF) # * $ DOF, Thailand

Peter Edwards HC Co-PI (AIT) $ % AIT, Thailand

Watana Leelapatera Research Associate * $ DOF, Thailand

Kiri Research Associate * $ DOF, Thailand

C. Boonthamchinda Research Admin. # $ AIT, Thailand

Sunil Shrestha Research Assistant $ AIT, Thailand

Somchai Vaipoka Research Assistant $ Ayutthaya, Thailand

Manoj Yomjinda Research Assistant * AIT, Thailand

Yang Yi Research Associate # * $ % AIT, Thailand

Thailand ~ Philippines

University of Hawaii

Kevin Hopkins US Co-PI # $ % 3 3 Hilo, Hawaii

James Szyper US Co-PI # * $ Kaneohe, Hawaii and AIT, Thailand

Philippines ~ Host Country Personnel

Eduardo Lopez HC PI $ $ Munoz, Nueva Ecija, Philippines

Socioeconomic Dimensions

Auburn University

Leonard Lovshin US Co-PI % Auburn, Alabama

Joseph Molnar US Co-PI @ Auburn, Alabama

Terry Hanson Research Associate @ Auburn, Alabama

Eric Stewart Graduate Student @ Honduras

Key for Personnel functions:

*Limnology/Water Quality
# Research Administration
$ Fisheries/Aquaculture
% Data Management
@Social Sciences

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