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Download Estimates

The table below is designed to help you estimate download times for PD/A CRSP files (and can also be used for Internet files in general). To estimate download times, multiply the Minutes/Megabyte values (based on Internet device speeds*) by the size of the file in Megabytes. Note: Many PD/A CRSP file sizes (found next to the file links) are listed in Kilobytes. To convert to megabytes, simply move the decimal point 3 spaces to the left. For example, 644 Kilobytes is the same as .644 Megabytes.

Also, many of our files are made available as Acrobat PDFs. The Acrobat Reader file can be found at the Adobe web site. Before downloading you may want to note the file size and estimate the download time using the numbers below.

Device Speed Minutes/
9.6Kbps 15.6
14.4Kbps 10.4
19.2Kbps 7.8
28.8Kbps 5.2
38.4Kbps 3.9
56Kbps 2.3
64Kbps 2
128Kbps 1
T1 (1.5Mbps) 5 seconds
T3/DS3 (45Mbps) 1.6 seconds

* The above bandwidths are stated in theoretical limits. An undeterminable amount of extra time may be taken for packet control, link management, telephone line speed, etc.


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