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External Evaluation Panel

The primary function of the External Evaluation Panel (EEP) is to provide counsel to USAID and critical feedback to the Program Management Office (PMO), Board of Directors, and Technical Committee. The EEP evaluates status, funding, progress, plans, and prospects of the research program annually and as well conducts an in-depth, five-year review of the program's functioning as a whole.

Evaluations are intended to:

The EEP is composed of individuals external to the program who are specialists in the area of international aquatic resource use. The members are selected so that collectively their areas of expertise will cover the three strategic areas of CRSP research. After USAID receives concurrence from the Board for International Food and Agricultural Development (BIFAD), the PMO appoints the new EEP member. New members are rotated in as members resign or are replaced.


Kevan Main
Mote Marine Laboratory, Sarasota, Florida
David Cummins
Peanut CRSP
University of Georgia
Christine Crawford
University of Tasmania, Australia
Edna McBreen
University of Connecticut, Tarrington


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