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PD/A CRSP Instructions for Trip Report

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Instructions for Trip Report

Trip reports are an important source of impact information. Therefore, trip reports are required for all international travel and are due 30 days after return. They are also strongly encouraged for all domestic travel. If more than one person is traveling, only one trip report is required for the group. The trip report consists of two parts: a narrative and a logistical summary.

Elements of the Nnarrative

Elements of the Logistical Summary

Security Issues

The PMO keeps constant vigilance through State Department travel advisories and other sources for information regarding political/economic upheavals in different parts of the world. Relevant information is immediately shared with the travelers through their PI. The travel requests are approved by the PMO contingent on travel conditions and issued with appropriate warnings. In case of travel in dangerous areas and emergency evacuations, the PMO will work with the individual travelers and with the USAID/Washington DC office to make sure that there are security measures to avoid problems.