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PD/A CRSP Travel Procedures

General Travel Regulations

All travel paid for with CRSP funds must be in direct support of CRSP activities; the Principal Investigator approving travel must have funds budgeted for such travel. Domestic travel requires approval only from the Principal Investigator.

The PI and the PMO must approve all international travel. In addition to PMO approval, travel whose primary purpose includes interaction with Host Country Missions or which was not included in the budget also requires USAID Mission approval. The PMO will seek this concurrence on behalf of the traveler via the USAID/Washington office.

All travelers must have the appropriate approvals in place before departure. In addition to the International Travel Request Form approval by the PMO, all travelers must have up-to-date PD/A CRSP emergency locators on file with the PMO prior to travel. Travelers are requested to submit an updated Emergency Locator Form with their next travel request if there have been changes (e.g., address of the traveler or the traveler's next of kin.) All travel must be conducted using US flag carriers to the extent that such carriers are available. A trip report is required for all international travel. The travel procedures for each type of travel are delineated below.

Domestic Travel

International Travel without Mission Contact

International Travel with Mission Contact


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