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Aquaculture CRSP Publication Guidelines

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Aquaculture CRSP Non-Program Publications Guidelines

Publications are one avenue the Aquaculture CRSP uses to help in the transfer of technology. The following information relates to the publication of Aquaculture CRSP research results in scientific journals and proceedings. We ask that you keep us informed of your publication progress so the CRSP can help to track and disseminate Aquaculture CRSP-related publications via accession numbers and Notices of Publication.

Aquaculture CRSP Accession Numbers
Aquaculture CRSP-funded publications—whether funded wholly or in part—must be identified by an accession number. Before authors submit papers to scientific journals or proceedings, they must obtain an accession number.

Accession numbers are given to all externally published articles, book chapters, proceedings, etc., where a third-party is responsible for the publication which becomes part of the formal literature. In contrast, self-published publications (whether print or digital formats) do not need accession numbers. However, they do need to acknowledge USAID and CRSP support and include the standard disclaimer. (See examples at the bottom of this web page.)

Request accession numbers from the CRSP (email: Please provide title, author(s), work plan, Work Plan identification number, and the journal to which the report will be submitted.

Research Report Series
The Aquaculture CRSP Research Report series aims to publish all research produced by Pond Dynamics/Aquaculture CRSP activities. Research Reports themselves are published by the CRSP, which distributes them in hard copy and electronically on the Aquaculture CRSP website. Research reports, although grey literature, are an ideal avenue to disseminate noteworthy preliminary findings or research results that are not otherwise appropriate for publication in peer-reviewed journals. Papers that have been published in scientific journals or are in press cannot be published as original research reports. Instead, we publish a Notice of Publication in Aquanews and on this website to notify interested parties of the latest Aquaculture CRSP-related publication.

Notice of Publication
When a paper is accepted for publication, provide the CRSP with the following information: journal in which the paper was accepted and the expected issue in which the paper will be published. When the paper is published, please send a reprint (hard copy or PDF) of the paper to the CRSP for preparation of a Notice of Publication. The paper will then become a formal CRSP archive.

Acknowledgment of Aquaculture CRSP Funding
The Aquaculture CRSP should be acknowledged by referring to the Aquaculture CRSP accession number and the USAID grant number in the Acknowledgments section of the paper. Examples of acknowledgments follow:

The Aquaculture CRSP also needs to be acknowledged when making presentations at scientific conferences. Click here to download a Powerpoint acknowledgment slide.

Aquaculture CRSP/USAID Logo Branding
Both the Aquaculture CRSP and USAID should be acknowledged by prominent placement of their respective logos on the front, inside, or back cover of any CRSP-related publication. Regarding size, the USAID logo is wider than the Aquaculture CRSP logo, but the images should both be the same height.

Electronic files of each logo may be downloaded below. Please note that the images are in the .TIFF format at high resolution to ensure a high-quality image, but they may require resizing to fit your publication.

ACRSP Logo (1.2 MB TIFF File)
USAID Logo, Black & White (664 K TIFF File)
USAID Logo, Color (3.1 MB TIFF File)
OSU Logo, Black & White (5 K GIF File)
OSU Logo, Color (5 K GIF File)