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PD/A CRSP Information for Program Participants

PD/A CRSP Information for Program Participants

The PD/A CRSPs Policy and Operating Procedures can be downloaded as a PDF file (460K). Read below for the most important information.


The program has contractual periodic reporting obligations to USAID. Each Project Leader must submit materials to enable the IMNC to prepare annual reports.

Quarterly progress reports are due to the IMNC three times a year. The IMNC uses the information to prepare the annual administrative report. Payment of subcontract invoices is dependent on timely receipt of quarterly progress reports. Reminders are emailed to project leaders two weeks before the due date. You can use the on-line form or download the form as a MS Word document.

Annual technical reports are due on a date that varies by subcontract (most are due on 30 April). Please refer to the Preparation and Submission Guide in preparing technical reports.

Annual administrative reports on staffing, progress indicators, and host country contributions are due also on 30 April. The request for administrative reports will be sent to you by email at least 30 days prior to the due date. Work plan change forms advising the Program Management Office of changes to the schedule or methods of an investigation must be submitted along with the administrative materials.

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