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Aquaculture Collaborative Research Support Program Featured Presentations for USAID

The ACRSP is sponsoring a new initiative that brings prominent researchers in aquaculture, aquatic sciences, and international development to Washington, DC. ACRSP participants and affiliates present up-to-date information on water-related issues to the USAID community including the Water Team. Below are recent presentations (click "download now" to access the power point presentation).

PowerPoint presentations available for download:

• Dr. Hillary S. Egna—Overview of the Aquaculture Collaborative Research Support Program (8.6MB)

• Dr. Kevin Fitzsimmons—Markets for African Tilapia Products and Impacts on Local Supplies (9.9MB)

• Dr. Barry A. Costa-Pierce—Sustainable Aquaculture: Status and Trends (8.7MB)


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The Pond Dynamics/Aquaculture CRSP is funded under USAID Grant No. LAG-G-00-96-90015-00 and by the participating US and Host Country institutions. Questions for or about the Aquaculture CRSP? Comments about this site? Email aquafish@oregonstate.edu.