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PD/A CRSP Aquanews-Summer 2003

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WAS/Brazil Features Plethora of CRSP Participants

he World Aquaculture Society held its Annual meeting from 19–23 May in Salvador, Brazil. Over 4,000 participants attended the event, including several CRSP participants who presented findings from their CRSP-sponsored research to those assembled. The following researchers were among those who presented:

Alcántara, F.B., P.P. Padilla, S.M. Tello, C.V. Chavez, and L.C. Rodriguez. Pond Culture of Arapaima gigas Cuvier in the Peruvian Amazon.

Boyd, C.E. Experiences in Training Shrimp and Fish Farmers on Pond Management.

Boyd, C.E. Site Evaluation for Aquaculture Projects.

Boyd, C.E., J.F. Queiroz, and C.W. Wood. Reaction of Liming Materials in Pond Bottom Soils.

Brown, C.L., R. B. Bolivar, and E.B. Jimenez. Moderation in Feeding—An Economic and Environmentally Friendly Approach to Tilapia Production.

Queiroz, J.F., G.S. Rodrigues, and C. Campanhola. Apoia—New Rural: A Practical Methodology for Environmental Assessment of Aquacultural Systems.

Szyper, J.P. Predicting Water Temperature Regimes in Aquaculture Systems from Nearby Airport Air Temperature Records.

Thunjai, T. and C.E. Boyd. Effects of Pond Age on Bottom Soil Quality.

Trejos-Castillo, E., J. Molnar, P. Martinez, T. Popma, S. Triminio, D. Meyer, W. Tollner, and B. Verma. Socio-Economic Factors for The Successful Adoption of Tilapia Culture by Subsistence Farmers’ Clusters in Honduras: Santa Barbara Case Studies.

Yi, Y. C.K. Lin, and J.S. Diana. Recycling Pond Mud Nutrients In Integrated Lotus-Fish Culture.

Yi, Y., W. Saelee, P. Nadtirom, A.A. Mon, and K. Fitzsimmons. Tilapia-Shrimp Polyculture at Low Salinity Water: Stocking Densities of Nile Tilapia and Feeding Strategies.

Zelaya, O., A. Garza, D.B. Rouse, and D.A. Davis. Influence of Indoor Nursery Conditions on Final Pond Production and Size Distribution of Litopenaeus vannamei.

Special recognition is due to authors Chris Brown, Med Bolivar, and E.B. Jimenez for “Moderation in Feeding—An Economic and Environmentally Friendly Approach to Tilapia Production,” which recently won the fisheries session best paper award at Central Luzon State University.

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