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Upcoming Request for Proposals

RSPs typically have 5-year life spans as funded by the United States Agency for International Development (though funding is provided only annually).

During the current grant, our CRSP sought and received a 2-year extension, making for a 7-year program. The summer of 2003 will mark the end of those seven years.

A proposal for a new 5-year grant (2003–2008) is under development and will be submitted to USAID in early 2003.

The PD/A CRSP will be seeking proposals in the field of aquaculture research.

A Request for Proposals (RFP) will be issued on August 2002. Successful proposals to the PD/A CRSP will form part of the CRSPs overall grant proposal package to USAID. The RFP will contain complete details on programmatic and technical considerations for award of a PD/A CRSP project.

The PD/A CRSP anticipates funding a number of proposals that comprise multiple investigations, disciplines, researchers, and institutions and that focus on a specific region.

Broad participation by eligible institutions and researchers not previously engaged in collaboration with the PD/A CRSP is encouraged.

The RFP will be available at our website. For more information, call Steve Sempier at 541-737-6423 or email <>.

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