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CRSP Co-sponsors Nutrition Conference in DC
Immaculate Nduma, Egerton University, Kenya, discusses her poster with Connie Gewa, UCLA, at a poster session reception sponsored by Land O’Lakes.

Barbara Underwood, National Academy of Sciences Institute of Medicine, talking with Edith Mukudi, ULCA, during a poster session/reception sponsored by Land O’Lakes.

he Global Livestock CRSP, with the PD/A CRSP as co-sponsor, hosted an international conference on “Animal Source Foods and Nutrition in Developing Countries” in Washington, DC on 24-26 June 2002.

Malnutrition is responsible for a large share of preventable mortality, morbidity, blindness, and poor cognitive development among children in developing countries. The cost of even mild to moderate malnutrition is high in terms of human capital and ultimately, economic development of countries and regions. The conference explored and highlighted research being done on the role of animal source foods (ASF).

The main goals of the Conference were to: present what is known about the importance of ASF for the nutrition, function, andeconomicstatus of populations in developing countries;
Enrique Flores, Universidad Nacional Agraria La Molina, Peru, explains an aspect of his poster to an interested onlooker.
to examine recently-completed efficacy trials where ASF were fed to specific groups; to review Case Studies of programs intended to increase ASF production and/or consumption; to examine constraints on ASF production and utilization and how these might be alleviated; to articulate and integrate economic, nutritional andagricultural issues; and to develop a policy and research agenda based on these discussions.

The PD/A CRSP sponsorship funds will go towards a forthcoming proceedings publication.

To learn more about the conference or the Global Livestock CRSP, visit the website <>.

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