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PD/A CRSP Aquanews-Summer 2002

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Comings and Goings
Cormac Craven

he PD/A CRSP offices have undergone big changings-of-the-guard this last quarter, having lost several clan members to greener pastures and welcomed new additions.

Cormac Craven, Assistant Director of Research of the Program Management Office, has returned to his native Ireland and a position with the Department of the Marine and Natural Resources. We’re happy to annouce that Steve Sempier, who has been with the CRSP as a graduate student since 2000, will stay on as Assistant Director of Research through the end of the current grant in 2003. Sempier’s degree is in Marine Resource Management, with a minor in Fisheries Science/Aquaculture.

Kris McElwee
Kris McElwee, Assistant Information Manager of IMNC, left the CRSP at the end of April for Hawaii and a new job at the Pacific Services Center/National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in coastal zone and resource management. Madeleine Von Laue, with a background in biology and journalism, is serving as acting
Heidi Furtado
Assistant Information Manager.

Another departure of note is that of Heidi Furtado, who was with the CRSP for more than four years, first as a student worker and later as a researchassistant. She has lit out for (more dependably) sunny skies in the San Diego area.

We also welcome Ian Courter, a new graduate assistant with IMNC who will begin graduate studies in the Department of Fisheries and Wildlife at Oregon State University in the fall. Courter will be assisting with many myriad aspects of IMNCs operation as well as become the new curator of EdOp Net.


ongratulations to Wilfrido Contreras-Sánchez, host country principal investigator of the Mexico Project at Universidad Juárez Autónoma de Tabasco, Mexico, who received an award from the National Program for Professor’s Improvement. The award includes a grant for office and laboratory improvement that will go towards a student computer and other office equipment.

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