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PD/A CRSP Aquanews-Summer 2002
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Sustainable Aquaculture
for a Secure Future
Pond Dynamics/Aquaculture CRSP

Volume 17, Number 3/Summer 2002
ISSN 1062-4996


Spotlight on Latin America

Upcoming Request for Proposals

Marketing Research in Latin America

The Oregon–Mexico Connection

Peru Project: Broodstock Diets and spawning of Colossoma macropomum and/or Piaractus brachypomus Research Update

Ohio State and UJAT/ Mexico: Evaluating the Potency of Phytochemicals to Sex-Reverse Tilapia

Honduras Project: Update on WIDeST—Web-based Information Delivery System for Tilapia

Honduras Project: Status Report on Fisheries and Aquaculture

Peru Project's International Training Course in Aquaculture of Amazon Species for Extensionists and Producers

Graduate Student Profile: Fred Chu

Comings and Goings

Earth Day at Oregon State University

On the Advent of Petri-Pisciculture...

PD/A CRSP @ WAS Beijing

CRSP Co-sponsors Nutrition Conference in DC

American Fisheries Society to Host 132nd Annual Meeting

Congratulations Are in Order

Tasty Recipes

Conferences and Workshops

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