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CASA VI Approaches

The 6th Central American Symposium on Aquaculture (CASA 2001) will take place 22 to 24 August 2001 at Honduras Maya, in Tegucigalpa, Honduras. The theme of the symposium this year is "Productivity and Sustainability through Best Management Practices."

CASA VI meeting logoThe symposium’s main objective is to report the most efficient and sustainable practices available for use in the shrimp-production process, as well as highlighting the best in tilapia production technology. A team of experts from around the world will be presenting papers for GAA’s new Global Shrimp OP: 2001 program. CRSP researcher Claude Boyd will chair one of the sessions, entitled "Effluent Water Quality." Following each presentation of a Global Shrimp OP:2001 paper, a round-table discussion will be held, giving participants an opportunity to ask questions and comment on the material. All comments will be compiled for the author’s consideration while revising their article to submit to the final "Global Shrimp OP: 2001—Operating Procedures for Responsible Shrimp Aquaculture" report.

Other highlights of CASA 2001 will include a Commercial Exhibition with booths showcasing aquaculture equipment and supplies. An inauguration cocktail party will kick off the event on the first night, and the closing ceremony and dinner will bring it to a close on the last. Two all-day bus tours are scheduled for the day after the symposium for all interested parties. The Shrimp Tour will visit the ponds, labs, and hatchery of Grupo Granjas Marinas, while the Tilapia Tour will view the major tilapia farms on Yojoa Lake.

Anyone interested in attending CASA should visit the GAA website, located at <>, or write to:
Susan Chamberlain, Office Manager
Global Aquaculture Alliance
5661 Telegraph Road, Suite 3A
St. Louis, MO 63129
Information is available in Spanish at the ANDAH website, <>. The early registration deadline is 22

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