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PD/A CRSP Aquanews-Summer 2001
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EdOp Net-Working Really Works!

by Steve Sempier
Dear Steve,

This letter is intended to thank you for this very useful vehicle of information and to let you know that thanks to your monthly edition of EdopNet, my husband got a job in Florida at Chu Farms. He is starting soon at the hatchery and is traveling overseas from Republic of Panama to the US in July.

We both are very happy to have this beautiful opportunity and want to thank you for your efforts which surely is giving this same happiness to several people around the world.

We also believe it should be interesting to you to receive some feedback from subscribers.

Eliane da Silva and Daniel Jalil

Arecent example of the far-reaching effects of EdOp Net is demonstrated through a recent success story that crossed our desk. Daniel Jalil of the Republic of Panama is a subscriber of EdOp Net. The PD/A CRSP extends congratulations to Daniel Jalil as he begins his new job.

The audience for EdOp Net has continued to grow and diversify throughout its five-year life span. The goal of EdOp Net is to connect those interested in the aquaculture field to relevant educational and career opportunities. EdOp Net serves as a comprehensive resource that reaches almost 2,000 people each month and draws international attention with subscribers from India to Egypt to Honduras as well as numerous individuals in North America.

As always, EdOp Net is offered free of charge via email and paper mail; it is also featured on the web at: <EdOp Net>. Not only are subscriptions free, it is also free to post an opportunity on EdOp Net. If you would like to share an EdOp Net success story, receive a free monthly subscription, or post a position or workshop, please contact Steve Sempier at

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