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PD/A CRSP Aquanews-Summer 2001
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Graduate Student Profile: Steve Sempier

by Heidi Furtado

Steve Sempier joined the PD/A CRSP staff as a Graduate Assistant in September 2000 when he started his masters program at Oregon State University. Sempier chose OSU because he found the area to be welcoming and the professors very receptive. Chris Langdon, a PD/A CRSP researcher and one of Sempier’s masters project advisors, was one of the people who helped in his decision to attend OSU. Sempier was informed of the PD/A CRSP through a friend of former CRSP Graduate Assistant Matt Niles.

Photo of Steve Sempier, CRSP Graduate Assistant
PD/A CRSP Graduate Assistant
Steve Sempier

Sempier is working on his masters in marine resource management, with a minor in fisheries science and a focus on aquaculture. His main project will consider potential marine aquaculture species off the Oregon coast. He plans to develop a website that will allow dissemination of the information he gathers on this subject. Through working with the PD/A CRSP, Sempier has found that "there are many websites that address aquaculture, but few that serve as a comprehensive resource." He hopes that this website can serve as a source of information for people interested in aquaculture.

Before arriving at OSU, Sempier received his undergraduate degree at Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, Florida, where he majored in marine science with a concentration in biology. After graduation, Sempier took a three-year break from school to explore job options and learn more about his interests. Indulging his love of travel and the outdoors, Sempier spent time in Utah as a National Park Ranger, in Idaho with the US Forest Service working with the fisheries hydrology crew, and in Minnesota working as a naturalist and a children’s instructor.

Sempier has always loved the ocean, but his interest in aquaculture developed when he took a job as Senior Aquarist at the Catalina Island Marine Institute. Throughout the two years he spent there, Sempier took care of the plumbing system that supplied water to the aquarium tanks and worked directly with the animals and algae. He really enjoyed the hands-on experience and was stimulated by the problem solving involved with interpreting the marine animals’ needs. He found it exciting and rewarding when the animals flourished in their environment. In addition to serving as Senior Aquarist, he was also an instructor and part-time administrator on Catalina Island.

Sempier has been working on a number of CRSP activities. He writes articles for Aquanews, researches and publishes EdOp Net, assists in maintaining the CRSP website, and answers frequent emailed questions regarding aquaculture. Sempier has had the opportunity to gain new skills and through his management of EdOp Net to discover the variety of job opportunities available in aquaculture. The PD/A CRSP staff is fortunate to have Sempier as part of our team. His energy and diligence are much appreciated as part of the Information Management and Networking Component.

Sempier hopes to complete his masters degree by Summer 2002 and plans to continue in

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