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PD/A CRSP Aquanews-Summer 2001
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What’s New on the PD/A CRSP Website?

by Mary Nidiffer

Have you seen the PD/A CRSP website lately? Located at <>, the site is a valuable source of CRSP information and research material.

On the website, users can browse or search for PD/A CRSP publications including Aquanews, Administrative and Technical Reports, Research Reports, Work Plans, Site Descriptions, Global Experiment literature, and more.
PD/A CRSP Homepage
The PD/A CRSP homepage, <>, features links to the EdOp Net database, publications such as Aquanews, listings of program participants, and much more.

The primary purpose of the website’s publication section is to make those documents available for downloading as PDF files. Recent issues of Aquanews, and the Eighteenth Technical and Administrative Reports can now be read online as well. However, if hard copies of the publications are needed, they can be downloaded and printed or ordered free of charge from several links located in the publications section.

The EdOp Net link on the homepage leads to the recently refurbished web version of EdOp Net, a database containing listings related to education, training, and employment opportunities. These opportunities may be of interest to PD/A CRSP participants, aquaculture researchers, students, and practitioners in general aquaculture and development fields.

Click on the Data Tools link to access the Central Database or download POND© software. The Central Database is a large public aquaculture clearinghouse of standardized experiment results, containing over one million observations of pond variables obtained from over one hundred production studies conducted at PD/A CRSP research sites. Datasets may be searched and retrieved based on geographical location, fish culture methods and species, and desired types of data. (See story, p. 9.) POND© is a computer program developed to guide decision-making processes relevant to warmwater pond aquaculture. Version 4.0 can be downloaded from a link on the site.

From the PD/A CRSP website, you can also learn more about our projects and people. In this section, you can find information about the CRSPs current projects, and read up on the goals and purpose of the CRSP. A link will also take you to information about the External Evaluation Panel, Technical Committee, and Board of Directors; a complete list of the PD/A CRSPs principal investigators; and links to participating US institutions.

We’d like to hear any success stories or anecdotes you may have about how you’ve benefited from the work of the PD/A CRSP. Let us know by email how our research, publications, or outreach efforts have affected you. The PD/A CRSP web-site is continually being updated, so be sure to check back often to see what’s new. We encourage repeat

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