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Student Pre-conference Awards
Fred W. Chu-Koo, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale
Seed Dispersal by Frugivorous Amazonian Fish
Eddie Boy T. Jimenez,
Central Luzon State University
Cost Containment Option in Semi-Intensive Tilapia Culture: Evaluation of Alternate Day Feeding Strategy
M.E. Palacios, The Ohio State University
Growth and Morphological Changes in Digestive Tract of Rainbow Trout and Paku due to Fish Meal Protein Replacement with Soybean Products
Gustavo Rodriguez,
The Ohio State University
Evaluation of Two Phytochemicals, Genistein and Quercetin as Possible Sex Differentiation-affecting Agents in Tilapia nilotica by Dietary Administration
Kom Silapajarn, Auburn University
Particle Size and Reaction of Agricultural Limestone
Orawan Silapajarn,
Auburn University
Nitrogen and Phosphorus Concentrations
and Loads in Stream Receiving Catfish Farm Effluents
Elizabeth Trejos-Castillo,
Auburn University
Income, Food Security, and Poverty Reduction: Case Studies of Small-Scale Aquaculture Procedures in Santa Barbara, Honduras

Professional Pre-conference Awards
Suyapa Meyer,
Escuela Agricola Panamericana
Tilapia Fingerling Producers in Honduras: Characteristics, Practices and Needs
Christopher Knud-Hansen,
Michigan State University
Potential for using Clinoptilolite Zeolites for Ammonia-N Transfer and Retention in Integrated Aquaculture Systems
Ivano Neira,
University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff
Restaurants Markets for Aquaculture Products in Peru: A Descriptive Analysis

Student Poster Awards
First Place
Anthony Ilano,
Hokkaido University, Japan
The development and hatching, growth, and survival of juvenile Japanese whelk Buccinum isaotakii in different temperatures and diets
Second Place (two awards)
Nilton Massuo Ishikawa,
Aquaculture Center of UNESP, Brazil
Safe concentrations of mercury in waters destined to Oreochromis niloticus rearing
Antonio Lozano-Leon,
University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain
A qualitative study of marine phytoplankton in the coastal areas of Honduras of interest for the bivalve molluscan culture

Aquaculture CRSP
Award Winners
T he Aquaculture CRSP sponsored numerous awards at the 2004 meeting of the World Aquaculture Society in Honolulu, Hawaii, in early March. In conjunction with the opening day ceremonies at the main WAS meeting, long-time CRSP researcher C. Kwei Lin, from The University if Michigan and the Asian Institute of Technology, was presented with an Aquaculture CRSP Lifetime Achievement Award for his many years of service.
In addition to sponsoring 7 student and 3 professional pre-conference awards, the CRSP also awarded prizes for the best and two runner-up Student Posters. Eligibility rules for a pre-conference award included that the work presented be based on CRSP-sponsored work, but the Student Poster Award was open to all presenters. Winners' names are presented below.
National Conference on Science, Policy, and the Environment: Water for a Sustainable and Secure Future conference in Washington, D.C., on 29-30 January 2004. The Aquaculture CRSP Program Management Office presented a poster entitled, "Sustainable International Aquaculture Research: A Focus on Low Food Chain Species" at the session on Advances at the Interface Between Water Science and Water Policy.
T he Aquaculture CRSP was well represented at the annual American Academy for the Advancement of Science meeting in Seattle, Washington, on -16 February 2004. Joe Molar, CRSP Lead Principal Investigator of the Honduras Project, chaired the session entitled, ÒAquaculture: Recent Advances in Fish Culture, Breeding and the Mitigation of Environmental Impact.Ó CRSP presenters at the session included Claude Boyd from Auburn University and Chhorn Lim from USDA. In addition to the aquaculture session, the CRSP Program Management Office presented a poster entitled, ÒInternational Aquaculture Research: A Focus on Low Trophic Species,Ó which detailed recent CRSP work with native, low trophic species.12R> T he CRSP played a prominent role at the 2004 meeting of the World Aquaculture Society in Honolulu, Hawaii, in early March, sponsoring a great number of competitive awards (see p. 10) and one very special recognition award for Dr. C. Kwei Lin. Besides the individual presentations made by CRSP researchers, the program also sponsored a day-long special session that was specifically dedicated to highlighting CRSP research findings. The 2004 CRSP Annual Meeting, held in conjunction with WAS, will go down as having the highest attendance of any on record. We especially were thankful to have so very many host country researchers present, as well as External Evaluation Panel Member Dr. Christine Crawford, University of Tasmania.
T he ACRSP is sponsoring a new initiative that brings prominent
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