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PD/A CRSP Website Gets a New Look
by Heidi Furtado
C ome check out the new face of the PD/A CRSP homepage. The new homepage has been organized for easier access. A search engine has been added, along with new links. There is also a text version that will accommodate more users. Just visit us, using our new and shorter URL, at <> to:

• find out more about the research being conducted through PD/A CRSP publications;
• read the web version of EdOp Net, a monthly newsletter with education, training, and employment opportunities; and
• access CRSP Data Tools, including the Central Database—the largest public aquaculture clearinghouse of standardized experiment results—and POND©—a CRSP-developed decision support system for pond management strategies.

The website will be continually updated with new information, so we encourage repeat visitors.

hormones used in aquaculture, and emerging tilapia markets. Once registered, members can read and post messages either through email or by visiting the TILAPIA ONELIST website.
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Tilapia Talk
Need advice on streamlining a tilapia production system? Have questions about what to feed tilapia? Want to share ideas on industry trends? Then add your name to the TILAPIA ONELIST and join one of the largest Internet-based tilapia mailing lists. Founded by AquaSol, Inc. last August, the TILAPIA ONELIST serves as a global platform for discussion between knowledgeable professionals who are actively involved in the culture, processing, or marketing of farm-raised tilapia. Recent submissions have generated lively discussions concerning reproduction control, the fate of