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Technical Committee Update
The Technical Committee (TC) session at the PD/A CRSP Annual Meeting, held 31 January–2 February 2000, in New Orleans, Louisiana, was highlighted by TC elections. The new composition of the group is listed below. We thank the new and continuing TC members for taking the time to serve as advisors to the program.
Technical Committee
* - newly elected
Name Institutional Affiliation Specialization
John Bolte Oregon State University
*Jim Diana The University of Michigan
Materials & Methods Subcommittee
Doug Ernst Oregon State University Environmental Effects
Claude Boyd Auburn University Production Optimization
*Freddy Arias Escuela Agrícola Panamericana Social & Economic Aspects
Technical Progress Subcommittee
Joe Molnar Auburn University Social & Economic Aspects
*Wilfrido Contreras Oregon State University Production Optimization
*Amrit Bart Asian Institute of Technology Environmental Effects
Work Plan & Budget Subcommittee
Kevin Fitzsimmons University of Arizona Environmental Effects
Tom Popma Auburn University Production Optimization
*Carole Engle University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff Social & Economic Aspects
External At-Large Members
Marc Verdegem Wageningen Agricultural University, Netherlands
*Damon Seawright US Tilapia Industry
Ex-Officio Members
Hillary Egna Oregon State University
Cormac Craven Oregon State University
Harry Rea US Agency for International Development
Jim Diana
Wilfrido Contreras
Amrit Bart
Carole Engle
Damon Seawright

Western Regional Aquaculture Expo 2000
by Matt Niles
aquaculture principles in the first session of the conference in addition to a technical discussion on thick-film biofiltration methods during a session focusing on technologies of intensive aquaculture operations. Raul Piedrahita, another CRSP researcher from the University of California, Davis, also participated in this session, delivering a presentation entitled “Solids removal in intensive aquaculture systems.”

There was also a session devoted entirely to pond dynamics, which included additional presentations

Several current and former PD/A CRSP researchers participated recently in the Western Regional Aquaculture Expo 2000, an event sponsored by the California Aquaculture Association. CRSP researcher Claude Boyd was the keynote speaker at the conference held in Desert Hot Springs, California, February 27–March 1.
by Boyd and a presentation by former CRSP researcher Chris Knud-Hansen. Boyd began the session with an overview of the PD/A CRSP, describing current research priorities and goals. He also gave an overview of his own pond soil research, describing the interaction of sediments and water in pond aquaculture systems. Chris Knud-Hansen delivered a talk entitled “An ecological approach to optimize pond fertilization,” in which
Boyd’s keynote address focused on the environmental effects of aquaculture and the need for aquaculture producers in the United States to adapt to increasing government scrutiny and changing public perceptions of the aquaculture industry. Additional conference topics ranged from aquaculture basics such as site selection and disease prevention to the marketing and transportation of aquaculture products.
PD/A CRSP Researcher Claude Boyd
ecologically sound principles of pond fertilization developed by the CRSP were discussed.
Kevin Fitzsimmons, CRSP researcher from the University of Arizona, gave a presentation on