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Aquaculture CRSP Aquanews-Fall 2003
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CRSP fish
Sustainable Aquaculture
for a Secure Future
Aquaculture CRSP

Volume 18, Number 4/Fall 2003
ISSN 1062-4996


New Fish Species Studied for Aquaculture Potential by Aquaculture CRSP Researchers (Mahseer)

What’s In a Name? Kenya Creates New Government Ministry

CRSP Student Receives Scholarship from Mexico National Council

International Training Courses in Aquaculture and Nutrition of Prominent Amazon Species

On-Farm Trial Participants Share Successes

Small-scale Aquaculture Enterprises for the People

Aquaculture in the Peruvian Amazon: A Case Study of Microenterprise

Meet a Tilapia Farming Husband and Wife Team

Graduate Student Profile: George Owiti Osure

Fish Culture at the Pucallpa Navy Base in the Peruvian Amazon

The CLSU-Aquaculture CRSP Project Funds Four Undergraduate Students

Notice of Publication

Graduate’s Corner

Conferences and Workshops

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