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Effects of Shrimp Farming Report Available

A new CRSP Research Report (#00-150) is now available. Effects of Shrimp Farming on the Hydrography and Water Quality of El Pedregal and San Bernardo Estuaries, Gulf of Fonseca, Honduras by George Ward (University of Texas) is a 32-page report, based on Eighth Work Plan research, addressing the effect of shrimp farm effluents on dissolved oxygen in two estuaries that are among the most developed shrimp farming areas in Honduras. Mathematical modeling is used as a tool to quantify the effects of hydrographic conditions on the ability of these water bodies to absorb the wasteloads from shrimp farming operations.

The abstract of the report appears on p. 12 under Notices of Publication. The entire report is currently available as an Acrobat PDF file at the CRSP website <>. Printed copies can be ordered by sending an email to or by mailing a request to:

Publications/Information Management
Oregon State University
418 Snell Hall
Corvallis, OR 97331-1643 USA

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