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Publication Announcement

Impact of Integrated Fish Culture on Resource Limited Farms in Guatemala and Panamá, International Center for Aquaculture and Aquatic Environments Research and Development Series No. 46, 2000, 29 pp.
Authors: Leonard L. Lovshin (Auburn University), Norman B. Schwartz (University of Delaware), and Upton Hatch (Auburn University)

Sustainability is an important factor in development projects, and is of particular importance in countries with limited resources. In this study, the authors had the "unusual opportunity to assess the ability of project participants to sustain fish culture on limited resource farms." Aquaculture development projects in Guatemala and Panamá were examined to determine level of success and ongoing sustainability. The authors found that for a variety of reasons, many farms were not able to maintain sustainable aquaculture operations and that the fish ponds did not have the intended impact on nutrition and income, due to a combination of "technical, domestic, economic, social and broad political reasons." However, the farms that remained successful, years after financial and technical support had ended, did yield important lessons on species selection, pond siting, and project strategies. This publication is the result of Eighth Work Plan Adoption/Diffusion Research (8ADR2) entitled "The influence of fish culture technology, extension methodology, and socioeconomics on success of fish culture on limited-resource farms."

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