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Summer 2005 Aquanews

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Volume 20, Number 3/Summer 2005 ISSN 1062-4996

Table Of Contents

From Basic Science to Food Production: A Success Story of USAID-funded Aquaculture Research in Mexico

SUCCESS Program off to a Strong Start

CRSP Researchers Attend the 7th Asian Fisheries Forum

SHRINFO – Shrimp Research Information Database

Rural Women's Groups Conduct Integrated Shellfish and Seaweed Culture in Zanzibar

Asian Researchers of Aquaculture CRSP Well Represented at ISTA6

AKTEA Conference on Women in Aquaculture

Graduate Student Profile: Vu Cam Luong

IIFET 2006 Conference

Aquaculture Europe 2005

Notices of Publication

In Memory of Dr. James Lannan, May 17, 1935 - Dec. 9, 2004

Aquaculture CRSP Technical Committee

Student Poster Awards for Aquaculture America, New Orleans

Goings On