Oregon State University was awarded a $8.9-million agreement to support aquaculture and fisheries worldwide through the

Program Brochure (2.5mb pdf)

Corvallis Gazette Times; 18 October 2006 article

2006 Requests for Proposals closed 31 January 2007.
Thank you for your submissions.  Please check back to this page for future partnership opportunities.  Please click HERE for 2006 RFP information.


Orientation and Pre-Synthesis Meeting
21 and 22 May 2007
Washington, D.C. USA

AquaFish Program Directory (500kb pdf)

Implementation Plan: 2007-2009
March 2008
(1 mb pdf)

Information for PI'S

2008 CRSP Annual Meeting, Busan, Korea

2009 CRSP Meeting, Seattle, Washington











The Aquaculture & Fisheries CRSP ( CRSP) is funded under USAID Leader with Associates Cooperative Agreement No. EPP-A-00-06-00012-00 and by the participating US and Host Country partners. Questions for or about the CRSP? Comments about this site? Email @oregonstate.edu.

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